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A New Face to an Old Dream


In various ways, the plight of youth today can be said to mirror those of their grandparents’ decades ago. The struggle for social acceptance is universal to us all and may be referenced from adolescent memories at one point or another. However, a great divide has been said to exist between the youth of the […]

A College Brother Salute, Holding True to the Vision of the Jewels


It begins with a man’s will; his motivation produces an infinite amount of outcomes making statistically, but more importantly, faithfully possible to succeed.  At first, Andrew Philatre may pass as a quiet and somewhat reserved individual but spend any minute conversing with him and one may come to find that not judging a book by its […]

Brother Spotlight : Adrian G. Brockington


Profile: Dedicated professional with eighteen months of outstanding, dedicated and devoted service to BETA BETA LAMBDA Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, the communities of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and the United States of America . Excelled as a leader in the chapter and community through my many volunteer hours and commitments. Placed in […]